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About Us

About Us

SYMPQ was founded in 2017 with an intention to tackle the biggest healthcare challenges.
We want our providers to focus on their relationships with patients and leave the administrative challenges to us.
We don’t want the doctors to get muddled with the thought whether they are getting paid on time so we take care of that.
We help Doctors to concentrate on their specialty of treatment while we take care of all the other areas of the business.
Wheather you are a solo healthcare provider or a group of specialty providers, we have solutions tailored for everyone.
We provide simple and effective services to benefit the doctors by utilizing the cutting edge technology solutions.



Our Story

Our partnership started from a casual meet through our spouses and we started exploring this business idea. Meanwhile, We came across an unfortunate incident of the tragic demise of our friend.
During that time we were the only ones who could help his parents while they were slapped with a huge bill at that difficult time. Saying that the bill amount was shocking would be an understatement.
We had to go through numerous calls to the insurance company, the hospital and the doctors who performed surgery and after 6 months of follow-ups, we were able to settle the bill which could have amounted to several thousand dollars.
His parents were getting ready to sell their house to pay these bills which was the only asset they had for their future.
When we had conversations with the doctors we could clearly see that they were deeply saddened by this incident and were ready to help as much as they could but were stuck by the administrative processes. We realized how many people could have gone through this unnecessary stress and pain.
This incident solidified the idea for us to help the medical providers so that they could take care of patients which is what their hearts are set on.

Our offering integrates the technology solutions with a caring group of people to provide the best service so that providers can do what they love.

Our goal is to provide simple solutions to the daily needs and improve the doctor-patient relationship.
By doing so we help our providers to focus on right areas and leave the rest to us. We happily take over the administrative work to improve the efficiency of the providers.